Learn React JS
By Building A Chess Game!

From zero to three years of experience in just 7 Hours.

Course Highlights

When you learn something playfully your mind feels excited about it. Then it is easy for you to grasp the concepts. By building this chess game you will thoroughly understand the core concepts of ReactJS.

Master React JS

Master core React JS concepts: Hooks, Components, Custom Hooks etc.

Master JS Concepts

Along with React JS you will learn Core JS concepts including: Protoype Chains, Promises etc.

7+ hours of Video Lessons

Watch & code along with pre-recorded video lessons and build the Chess game by yourself.

Efficiently build complex algorithms

Complex Moves

Complex Moves

Implement complex chess piece movement logic using the chess notations.

Castling Move

Castling Move

The only move in chess where the two chess pieces move at the same time. Implement Castling move with all the rules.

EnPassant Move

EnPassant Move

It's a special move allowed for the pawn piece, where the capturing pawn moves to a vacant square. Learn how to implement this.

Pawn Promotion

Pawn Promotion

Pawn promotion allows to replace a pawn piece with the other chess pieces. If you can get a second queen, you can easily corner the opposite King.


Checkmate & Draw

Implement the conditions to check if the Game has been won by a player or if the game has ended in a Draw! (2 Draw rules)

Game Notations

Game Notations

Learn how to represent each move with a notation.

Master These Concepts

In this course you will learn and master these React JS concepts

React Basics

React Basics, React Components, Writing Custom Components, Passing and using the Props

React Hooks

Learn about the React Hooks and using them effectively. useState, useEffect, useLayoutEffect etc

Building Custom Hooks

Learn how to build custom hooks. Learn how to move your custom core logic into a custom hook.


Using the createContext/useContext to build different colored boards

If you are new to Javascript, then do not worry you will learn some of these advanced JS concepts.

Arrow Functions

Learn how to effectively use the arrow functions

Prototypes and Prototype Chain

Prototype is one of the core concept of the Javascript. Most javascript libraries use this concept. So understanding Prototype and Prototype chain will greatly benefit you.

Promises in Javascript

Promises are confusing to most JS developers. Most developers only use the Promises in fetch/ajax requests. If you understand this concept, then it will change the way you write the JS code.

this & other JS tips

Understanding the this keyword. Also you will learn many array and object looping techniques.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this tutorial, you will learn React JS by building a Chess Game. You will implement the important rules of the Chess game. Each chess piece in the chess game has different rules governing its movement on the board. Also, there are some special moves available for some chess pieces. You will implement all these using the React JS concepts and Core JS concepts.

You must have a basic understanding of the HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Tutorial includes 7+ hours of pre-recorded video lessons. You can watch and code along with the videos. And by the end of the tutorial, you will have the game built by yourself.

Yes, you will get the access to the demo codebase.

Yes, if you are not happy you can raise the refund request within 24 Hours of your purchase.

All this complete package in a single course

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